QuickBooks Online can handle seven decimal places in the Line Quantity and Unit Price fields and two decimals at Line Amount. QuickBooks Online can also handle two decimal places in the percentage field (i.e. 12.75%).


QuickBooks Online rounds everything to two decimal places for the line totals. Tax is calculated at two decimal places. And subtotals and totals are stored as two decimal places. (How QuickBooks Online rounds)


Salesforce can handle up to 8 decimal places on Opportunity Products price field and price book field, but only if you file a case. This is further complicated in Salesforce as they do not allow more than 2 decimal places in the Quantity or Percentage field. Additionally, the Amount in the Opportunity field only allows for 2 decimal places.


Creating Invoices in QuickBooks Online with Breadwinner


If you are creating an invoice in QuickBooks Online through Breadwinner, then we will allow you to put any number of decimal places in the fields. However, only 7 decimal places are allowed by QuickBooks Online, so the eighth decimal place onwards will be dropped when we pass the invoice to QuickBooks Online- and for the percentage, the third decimal place will be dropped by QuickBooks Online.


Please note - this is only for the line items Quantity, Price, and Percent. QuickBooks Online calculates the line item totals, as well as the subtotal, tax, and total, and QuickBooks Online calculates this at two decimal places (this is beyond our control).


So, Breadwinner allows you to enter the full decimal places into your QuickBooks Online Invoice Line Items.


Invoices in Salesforce


Breadwinner keeps a copy of all of your QuickBooks Online Invoices in Salesforce. These fields are 16,2 fields, meaning that you can have 16 numbers before the decimal place, and 2 numbers after the decimal place. This means that all data from QuickBooks Online is saved in our fields, as QuickBooks Online only calculates 2 decimal places on subtotal and total (and related) fields.


Of course, the 16 character limitation before the decimal place limits you to Invoices with a Total of just under 10 Quadrillion Dollars. If you are indeed billing in the Quadrillions, we have a special pricing plan for you - contact our billing department!