For security and data integrity reasons, Breadwinner does not allow the deletion of Invoices in Salesforce. Breadwinner will, however, update an Invoice status to “Deleted” within 15 days or less if that Invoice was deleted in QuickBooks Online. In many cases voiding the invoice may be a better, more immediate solution

How Breadwinner updates the Invoice deleted status:

Once an Invoice is deleted in QuickBooks Online, that Invoice’s information is no longer available through the API. So, Breadwinner cannot update a deleted  Invoice’s information instantly in Salesforce. Typically, Breadwinner updates the historical data once weekly (every Friday). In those weekly syncs, Breadwinner filters the Invoices which have not been updated during the last seven days and issues a request to QuickBooks Online to obtain information whether these Invoices exists. If Breadwinner does not get a response or information back from QuickBooks Online, it typically means that those Invoices have been deleted in QuickBooks Online. At that point, Breadwinner will update those Invoices’ status as “Deleted”.

Using VOID instead of DELETE:

Voided Invoices will continue to exist in QuickBooks Online but the amounts will be set to zero and the Invoice remains available in QuickBooks Online and to Breadwinner via the API. In many cases, this may be preferable to deleting them. Since voided Invoices remain available through the QuickBooks Online API, within the normal sync interval of 15minutes, those Invoices’ states will be updated in Salesforce and the invoice will show up as “Void” with a zero value. 

Note: Breadwinner won’t consider deleted or voided Invoices as counting towards the Breadwinner Invoice tier billing.